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Pay Per View, Videos, WWE ♦ November 20, 2017

Still disgruntled that they were left off of the main card and more importantly, off of Team Smackdown – Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn voiced their displeasure once again by crashing the Survivor Series main event, and attacking Shane McMahon! If he doesn’t get the message now, he never will. You can check out the clip above and catch the entire show on the WWE Network!

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Images, Videos, WWE ♦ November 20, 2017

After a meeting with Stephanie McMahon, Kevin and Sami are considering requesting a move to Monday Night RAW. After all Shane Mcmahons disrespect, who could blame them?!

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Images, Smackdown LIVE!, Videos, WWE ♦ November 18, 2017

On Smackdown Shane McMahon finally reaped what he’s been sowing, as The Shield and Team RAW decided to launch their counter strike and instead of sticking around to bravely battle for Team Blue, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn threw a quick ‘peace out’ and bailed as the Hounds of Justice circled the ring. Opting to leave The New Day and McMahon to fend for themselves in the face of vicious odds. Well, why would they stay and fight when Shane McMahon has made it perfectly clear he doesn’t think of them as valuable members of Smackdown? An early night for Kevin and Sami, sorry about your luck, Shane. Here’s what had to say!

Before turning their attention to a huge first-time-ever matchup against Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens, The New Day looked to impart the Power of Positivity upon their dream showdown against The Shield this Sunday at Survivor Series, noting that they were far more unified than The Hounds of Justice.

The subsequent match pitting Big E & Xavier Woods against Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens began as a knockdown, drag-out slugfest typical of an exciting SmackDown LIVE main event.

However, that all changed when The Shield’s music suddenly rang through the arena, and the combatants of SmackDown realized that Raw’s counterstrike had finally arrived.

When The Hounds of Justice surrounded the ring, Zayn and Owens opted to bail, and Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns attacked The New Day. The Usos soon joined the fray, followed by Cesaro and Sheamus, resulting in an out-of-control melee.

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Videos, WWE Network ♦ November 18, 2017

Witness the triumphs, struggles and everything in between as WWE cameras chronicle one year in the life of Kevin Owens. Tune in tomorrow night immediately following Survivor Series, exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network.

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Images, Smackdown LIVE!, Videos, WWE ♦ November 18, 2017

Smackdown Live came from Manchester, England and Kevin Owens had a bone to pick with Shane McMahon and the New Day. Interrupting their introduction, Kevin and pal Sami Zayn disrupted the show to demand answers from their so-called boss. Why does Shane insist on setting them up to fail? Why aren’t the representing Smackdown at Survivor Series? Why doesn’t Shane acknowledge that Kevin and Sami are the top two Superstars on Smackdown? All good questions. Instead of answers, Shane puts Sami into a match against Kofi Kingston. A match that Kofi won but only due to the New Day’s obvious underhanded tactics – bunch of cheaters. Kevin snuck in a swift attack then dragged Sami out of harms way, leaving New Day wondering what hit them. You can check out highlights above and what had to say below!

Shane introduced The New Day, who played a pivotal role on Monday Night Raw the night before, ostensibly costing Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose the Raw Tag Team Championship against Cesaro & Sheamus when they falsely teased that #UnderSiege part two was about to occur. Shane-O-Mac and The New Day rejoiced in their actions from the night prior, but before the good vibes could really start to flow, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn hit the scene to interrupt.

KO and Zayn could not resist engaging in their favorite pastime of running Shane’s name through the mud, but The New Day interjected, going in on KO and Zayn with no mercy whatsoever, even mocking Zayn’s pre-match dance moves. With the verbal jousting perhaps destined to volley back and forth for eternity, the Commissioner made an executive decision, placing the chirpy Zayn in a match … against Kofi Kingston.

Fresh off their verbal exchange mere moments ago, Kingston and Zayn squared off on SmackDown LIVE with The New Day and Kevin Owens in their respective corners. Intensity and athleticism was at a premium as the two went back and forth with razor-sharp intensity. Zayn took control for large spurts, never hesitating to cut any corner possible to gain an edge. However, Kofi battled back by throwing caution to the wind several times, even launching himself head-over-heals over the top rope onto his opponent, and his go-for-broke approach finally paid off when The Dreadlocked Dynamo caught Zayn totally offguard with a splash from the top rope for the win.

Instantly, KO hit the ring to pounce on Kofi and sneak in a few cheap shots before The New Day could break it up. By the time Big E and Xavier Woods got there, Owens and Zayn had fled, but it seemed rather evident that a serious conflict was brewing between the two sides.

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